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I want to apply for an AMP Tomorrow Fund grant. How can I do this?

Our 2019 AMP Tomorrow Fund has yet to open for 2019. Once it opens, in early April, you can apply online by completing the application form at until mid-May (date TBC). Incorrect or incomplete application forms will not be accepted. You can apply for grants from $5,000 to $100,000.

Do I have to fill out the application form in one go?

You can take your time filling out the application form and can make changes before you submit it. Make sure you press the ‘Save & continue’ button as you complete each page and please be aware that sessions time out after four hours. Pressing ‘Save & continue’ enables you to close your application and go back into it later. When you reach the final page you will have the option to ‘Save’ or ‘Submit’. If you press ‘Save’ you will be able to log out then log back in at a later date to make changes to your application. However, once you press ‘Submit’ you won’t be able to make any changes.

How long will it take me to fill out the application form?

This will vary. It could be anywhere between 20 minutes and several hours, depending on how much information you would like to share. Remember, you can work on your form many days before submitting it.

Can I apply more than once?

You can only apply for one AMP Tomorrow Fund grant each year, so it’s important you give us a clear, defined idea of your goal and how you have been working towards it. Past applicants who have not received an AMP Tomorrow Fund grant can apply again.

What kind of people is AMP looking for?

We’re looking for people who have a talent or a passion for something that will ultimately benefit Australia – whether that’s a scientist who is developing innovative technology, a social innovator with a community enterprise in mind or a singer who wants to take their voice to the world stage. You’ll need to show us that you’ve already done some work towards achieving your goal and that you have a plan to take it further.

What can I use the money for?

AMP Tomorrow Fund grants of between $5,000 and $100,000 can fund a diverse range of activities. The money could be used for training and travel costs associated with competing in a sport, study assistance while you work on research or small business funding for an innovative idea. You should have a good idea of what it will cost to take your project or passion to the next stage. How much you ask for is up to you, but ensure your budget is realistic as grant recipients will be asked to regularly  report and supply evidence of their spending. Avoid inflating your budget or adding unnecessary items – so it’s worth researching how much items or activities will cost.

What are the criteria to enter? Is there an age limit?

Australian citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply for an AMP Tomorrow Fund grant. There and very few restrictions and no age limit – everyone from children, young adults and older Australians are all welcome to apply. Applicants under 18, however, need the permission of a parent or guardian.

Can I apply for an AMP Tomorrow Fund grant if I’m currently living overseas?

Once applications open, you can still apply as long as you haven’t been living outside Australia continuously for the two years before May 2019.

Do the grants cover teams or organisations?

No, AMP grants are for individuals only. If you are part of a team, club, charity or other organisation you can still apply for an individual grant, but you will be judged on your own merit and funds will be awarded to you and not your group.

I manage a charity. Can I apply on behalf of my charity?

No. AMP Tomorrow Fund grants are for individuals only, not organisations. If you’ve got a great idea that aligns with your charity’s work and you’re passionate about pursuing this under your own steam, then feel free to apply. You will, however, be judged on your own merit and if you are successful, the funds will be awarded to you.

Are these academic scholarships?

Academic study is one of the many things we will consider for a grant. We’re looking for people from all walks of life with a variety of passions and talents. Study doesn’t have to be the thing you’re pursuing – it could be sport, the arts, science, health, the environment, a business idea or anything in between.

How many grants will you give out?

The number and size of the grants will be led by the scope of the applications we receive. We could have a small number of medium to large grants, lots of small grants or a couple of really big grants! Funds will be allocated at the discretion of AMP and larger amounts may be given out in stages. So far, we have provided between 42 and 53 grants annually.

If I win, will I need to pay tax on my grant?

This will depend on your personal circumstances and you will need to seek the advice of an accountant.

How can I spend the grant money?

If you are awarded a grant, the money must be used for the item(s) you included in your application. This may be costs for starting a small business, study or travel associated with training and so on. You will be asked for a breakdown of your anticipated costs in your application and may be asked for proof of expenditure should you be awarded a grant.

I have already been awarded a grant from another source. Can I still apply?

Yes. There is a question in the application that asks you if you have received funding already. If you have received other support, we ask you to provide details.

I’ll be moving overseas next year for a while. Can I still apply?

You can, as long as you’re an Australian citizen or permanent resident and you’re not moving overseas for several years. You can apply for assistance to study overseas but need to prove you will bring your knowledge and skills back to Australia.

I am not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, but hope to be. Can I still apply?

You can only apply if you’re already an Australian permanent resident. Unfortunately, we can’t accept applications from people who hold temporary visas, such as student visas or temporary work visas.

I didn’t get an activation email after registering?

If the email hasn’t shown up within 10 minutes, please check your spam folder. If you still can’t find the message, email us at and we’ll activate your account for you.

Can I edit or submit my application after applications close?

Once applications open, you have until mid-May (date TBC) to submit your application. Unfortunately, we will not accept applications after the closing date. Once you submit your application you will not be able to edit it, so please take care.

Help, I’ve forgotten my password!

Forgot your password? It happens to the best of us. If you enter the wrong password a ‘Forgot password?’ link will appear on the ‘Login’ page. Simply follow the instructions to reset your password.

Your website isn’t displaying properly on my computer. What can I do?

First, try making the window larger by dragging the corner of the display box. If that doesn’t work, try opening the website in another browser (this is the program you use to access the internet – examples include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome). If you have a smartphone or tablet with internet connection, or know someone who has one, you could also try accessing the website on it to give you an idea of where the problem is occurring. If the website is displaying on another device, it is likely that the problem is with your computer.

I’ve typed in my login details and nothing is happening?

Try deleting your browser history (or cache). If you are not sure how, do an online search for instructions. For example, ‘clear browser history Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox/Chrome’, depending on what program you use to search the web. If you are still having problems, try reloading (or ‘refreshing’) the page. Finally, double check you have activated your account by clicking the email we sent you when you first applied. If you can’t find the email, check your spam folder.

I can’t upload my profile picture?

Have you checked the image is a JPEG or GIF and under 1MB? Upload the photo by clicking on the pencil icon in the corner of the picture frame, upload, then crop to suit and press ‘Save’. Still having difficulty? Email your profile picture to us at and we’ll look into it for you. Please note, it is not essential to include a photo. If you are having real problems with this we’d suggest submitting your application without an image. It will not affect your chances.

Can I email through any supporting documents for my application?

No. For the first round of judging, we’ll only be reviewing the application form, although you can include links to any relevant websites where there might be more information about you and your dream. If you’re chosen to be a finalist, you can provide us with further supporting material. Please do not email us extra information until asked.

What about sending more information once I have submitted my application?

No. Candidates must limit their information to the online form alone and there is no option to attach files. Any attachments or extra information emailed in will not be considered by judges. If you make it to the final round you will be able to provide more information.

When will my referees be contacted? Do I need to provide a written reference?

Don’t worry about sourcing written references. If you’re a finalist, we may contact your referees.

What if one of my referees lives overseas?

You can include referees who live in another country. Just be aware that the form will not enable you to add international codes. If a referee lives overseas, just add the country in brackets after their name. If you want to include their landline, just select an Australia state code to enable you to save the page and put in a dummy number (i.e. 12345678). We can email overseas referees, if required.

When will my referees be contacted and what will they be asked? Do I need to provide a written reference?

If you’re a finalist, we may contact your referees to ask them about your capacity to reach your goal. Don’t worry about sourcing written references.

How can I remove my application?

Application submitted and you no longer want to enter? Just send an email to with your application number, your email address and your password and we’ll delete your application.

Is there a parent/guardian form?

If you are under 18 at the time you submit your application, please make sure you get your parent or legal guardian’s consent to apply and ask them to complete the parent/guardian information section in the application form so you can submit it with your application.

I’ve run out of remaining characters. How can I fix this?

First, double check that your answer is within the character count (including spaces) by copying it to a text document and using the ‘word count’ option. Also look at how much vertical space your answer takes up. Even though it’s under the character limit it may be physically too long. If you find you have to scroll a long way to read the answer, try joining paragraphs together and deleting spaces between headings. If you have bullet-pointed ‘lists’, separate the points by semi-colons so they read across the page, rather than down. For example: ‘Point A; point B; point C etc’.

Long lists of items that descend down the field may be something to watch for in the ‘budget’ section in particular. When filling in your budget, avoid copying directly from an Excel document as this may add extra invisible spaces.

I don’t have any online links to add. Will this affect my chances?

No. We understand that not everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram or has a website, YouTube video or blog to share. This section of the application is not mandatory, so don’t worry if you don’t include any online links. You can also share links to online newspaper and newsletter articles about your achievements.

I have a lot of online links to share but there’s not enough space for all of them. What do I do?

You can only add one link to each field in the ‘online links’ section of the application. But if, for example, you have two blogs and no Instagram account, you can add your second blog link next to the Instagram field. Likewise, you can include relevant links in other fields throughout the application. Our judges will look at all the links provided in order to learn more about you.

Can I edit my application after I’ve submitted it?

Unfortunately, once you press ‘Submit’ you won’t be able to edit your application form. You can work on your application form over time and save it for completion at a later time. Just make sure you submit it by the closing date.

I lost my application and have run out of time. Can I have an extension?

No. In fairness to all our applicants and to ensure we can keep on track with our judging process, we will not offer extensions under any circumstances. Throughout the application process candidates are reminded to keep a copy of their answers just in case their computer crashes or there is a power cut. We advise copying your answers into a Word or other text document as you proceed through the application so you have a back-up and submitting your online application well before the deadline.

Can you send me a copy of my application?

No. Due to the number of applications, we cannot provide you with a copy of your submitted application. We recommend that candidates copy their answers into a text document as they progress through the application so they have a backup in case they have technical issues or are unable to print a copy.

How secure is the information I provide?

We take your privacy seriously. Information gathered for AMP’s Tomorrow Fund will be managed in accordance with the AMP Foundation’s Privacy Policy, which can be found here. By agreeing to the terms and conditions of AMP’s Tomorrow Fund, you are giving your consent to the AMP Foundation to use and disclose the information in your application for purposes related to the fund, including promotional and marketing purposes.

Who do I contact if I’m having problems with my application?

AMP Foundation staff can assist with application-related inquiries during business hours (9am to 5pm AEST, weekdays only). Call (02) 9257 9922 or email

How do I provide feedback on the process?

You can send any feedback to and we will try to reply during business hours.

Who will be judging the applications?

All applications will be reviewed by a panel of AMP employees who reflect a range of professions and interests. Subject matter experts from outside AMP will be represented on our expert judging panel and will also be consulted during the initial assessment stage.

What will the judges be looking for in an application?

Our judges will assess applicants on their ambition, planning ability and achievements so far. The best applications will clearly explain what the goal is, the steps needed to reach it, the work put in so far and the expected costs involved. They will also look at the impact your dream or goal will have for our community. Take your time to consider your answers and keep your responses relevant and to the point.

How will I know if I am a finalist?

We will contact everyone who has applied by the end of September to let them know whether or not they have been selected as a finalist. We wish everyone the best of luck.

When are the winners announced?

Winners will be announced at an event later in 2019 (date TBC) and published online the next day.

What if I’m a finalist and can’t make it to Sydney for an interview?

Not all of our finalists will be required to travel to Sydney for an interview and we understand if you are not available on the day. If you are asked to travel a long distance to Sydney, we will cover reasonable travel and accommodation expenses.

Do you have a question that’s not on this list?

Please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.